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Aged Care Employee Day embraced

23rd July 2019

To mark Australia’s Aged Care Employee Day on Wednesday 7 August, Victoria’s leading aged care provider, Benetas, will launch a new award to help recognise the exceptional work of its employees.

CEO Sandra Hills OAM said this was an important opportunity for Benetas to acknowledge the contribution of its 1,500 employees as well as help to promote this important day.

“Whether it’s tailoring individualised care, going above and beyond for our customers, or simply lending a listening ear; the day to day work of our staff is what enables a positive aging journey,” Ms Hills said.

“Our team spans everything from nursing, care workers and lifestyle through to allied and community health and support services. We want to celebrate all of our staff who are a part of people’s aging journey, from the frontline through to those working behind the scenes.

“Benetas’ support office is in many cases what enables our organisation to provide such exceptional care and create a environment in which those on the ground can provide the personalised support that our clientele seek.

“Despite building trust and often embracing our community at times when they need it most, the efforts of many aged care employees go all too often unrecognised.

“There are hundreds and thousands of aged care employees across Australia who face the very real challenges of industry reform, underfunding, and a highly regulated work environment.

“While we advocate for improvements, it’s important that we continue to embrace opportunities like these to acknowledge the great work being done on the ground everyday.

“We look forward to taking the time to celebrate the work of our staff and are confident we will receive some wonderful nominations over the coming weeks. Many of which are already beginning to come in.”