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Healthy routines at home

24th January 2022

Written by Kelly Bramble, a dietician at Macedon Ranges Health

As the New Year begins and we go back to work and school, it is important to set good routines at home. Routines help us manage our time, implement healthy choices, and keep on top of tasks. A routine may be repeated every day a few days a week, or perhaps just one day a week. From healthy eating to being active and exercising, to stress release and weekend fun, routines make a great addition to our lives. When it comes to good food and nutrition, setting good routines can be a helpful tool.

Some great examples include:

  • Eating two pieces of fruit a day – one at work and one after work
  • Drinking a cup of water as you get up for the day
  • Having breakfast every morning to start your day right
  • Meal prepping a few days in advance
  • Sharing a meal with a friend/family at least one day a week

There is no doubt that starting a new routine can be challenging, but after you implement it once, trying again can be only become easier. Setting routines are a fantastic way to support your health and wellbeing. Let us know about your routines at home.

About Kelly

Kelly Bramble (pictured below) is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian who is passionate about providing realistic, meaningful and personalised nutrition advice to her clients. Kelly specialises in IBS and food intolerances as well as diabetes management but is available to see clients with varying health concerns.

Kelly is passionate about providing nutrition support to adults of all ages and promotes nutrition advice in line with chronic disease prevention. Kelly will be providing initial 60 minute sessions with clients to get to know them, and 30 minute follow up sessions to support their nutrition goals.

With a community focus, Kelly is looking forward to working with the Macedon Ranges community, local stakeholders, kindergartens, schools, businesses and other services to promote nutrition and healthy eating. Kelly believes healthy eating should be accessible to all people and that every person is deserving of good health.

Find out more about the services we offer at Macedon Ranges Health or call us on 5428 0300 to speak to our friendly team.