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COVID-19 Update

1st May 2020

We continue to monitor the evolving developments of COVID-19 and ensure the upmost health and safety of clients in our care. Our teams across aged care, community health care and retirement living have worked incredibly hard these past weeks to provide a continuation of essential services for many in our community.

Strong foundations in place

At the onset of March, Benetas established a multidisciplinary Crisis Management Group to oversee a swift organisation-wide response and ensure we were best placed to meet the rapid developments of COVID-19. Led by our General Manager of Quality, Outcomes and Research, Dr Catherine Joyce, the group were given the highest priority in our organisation and introduced significant measures across our organisation to ensure upmost health and safety of those in our care.

With these strong foundations now in place, the group are now stepping down from crisis response protocols and are working to continue refining our preparedness plans. We thank the team and all in our organisation who have introduce the measures we now see in place.

Reviewing restricted visiting

When a State of Emergency was announced in Victoria in March, Benetas introduced restricted visiting access to Benetas’ residential aged care homes. This was an incredibly difficult decision to make but one that has been incredibly important to protect the health and safety of aged care residents who are most vulnerable to the virus.

We’re pleased that given the spread of the virus has now slowed, we are working to soften these measures in the coming weeks. This review will coincide the Victorian Government’s review of its Stage 3 restrictions on 11 May, with all changes made with the upmost consideration and planning to ensure risk of infection is managed and maintained.

We would like to acknowledge the incredible support we’ve received from most importantly our residents and their families throughout this process. It’s been hard on everyone and we greatly appreciate the sacrifices they’ve made in order to protect one another.

Nurturing our quality of life

We continue to be overwhelmed by the acts of generosity and kindness that we’re seeing across Benetas and the wider community for those who need it most. Our phones at all residential aged care homes have been ringing off the hook with messages of love and support for their family members. Our sites are also receiving packages of cards, drawings, flowers and treats from many in the community who are wanting to remind our residents and carers that they’re not alone. Notably we’ve now distributed over 415 virtual hugs to residents, a number that goes up each day.

We encourage you to continue prioritising your health and care needs during this time, and reaching out to our services if you need to review your care needs or seek alternative options. As an organisation, our attention is focused on providing holistic care to all our clients. Along with improving digital connection between residents and families, we continue to share online resources for clients to look after their physical and emotional wellbeing during this difficult time.

Our Wellbeing Team and Pastoral Care workers play a great role in helping to achieve this, and I encourage you to turn to our website and social media channels for further inspiration on acts of kindness and what you too can do to nurture your own wellbeing amidst the change we’re seeing.

If you have any further questions, you can also reach out to our dedicated inquiries inbox and we’ll endeavor to provide a response within 24 hours: