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A community support model for people living with mental illness in Macedon Ranges

31st March 2020

Duration: Phase 1 complete

North Western Melbourne PHN

For people living with mental illness or poor mental health, there can sometimes be a lack of ‘non-medical’ or community support available. This might be social, emotional or practical support, and can include peer support.

Between December 2019 and March 2020, local partners and Macedon Ranges Suicide Prevention Action Group (MRSPAG) worked with the Macedon Ranges community, and in particular with people with lived experience of mental illness and/or suicidal thoughts, to develop a model that could be trialled.

We acknowledge the significant contributions made by local people with lived experience, which includes individuals, families, carers and people bereaved. Their honesty, generosity and insights contributed directly to the recommendations for the model and for funding bodies.

Duration: Phase 2 in progress

Funder: TBC

MRSPAG will work with the Macedon Ranges Suicide Prevention Site governance group to identify next steps and potential funding opportunities.

If you have any questions; or would like to be kept informed about the progress of this model; or interested in supporting its implementation if/when it is funded; or generally interested in MRSPAG’s activities and getting involved more broadly, please contact: Annie Rowland, MRSPAG Chairperson, at

Download files:

Download the diagrams below, which summarises the model and how an individual access support.


    Download files

    MRSPAG Community Support Consumer Pathway


    MRSPAG Volunteer Community Support Model Diagram