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Penelope's Story

4th April 2018

Penelope has been receiving Benetas Home Care for five months, getting help with shopping, cleaning and gardening, as well as podiatry services following hip replacement surgery.

Penelope said choosing Benetas to help her with the day-to-day tasks, was easy. “Knowing the ethics and values of Benetas made it an easy choice for me to move.”

Residing in Frankston North, Benetas has helped with the little things that mean a lot to Penelope, and this has made all the difference to life at home.

“The home care services mean I can be assisted with challenging household chores such as putting the washing out and shifting larger items in the house.”

Assistance with the shopping has been a great help. Staff know exactly what Penelope likes and help get her out of the house and to and from the shops.

A particular help has been knowing from the outset exactly what Home Care services she can access with Benetas.

“I didn’t know half the things I could get with my previous provider. I was never told. “The taxi card was an eye opener. I never knew how much I could spend with my previous provider, but Benetas gives me a set amount each week on taxis,” said Penelope.

Penelope says the Benetas staff are upbeat and friendly, and one of the best things about her shift is that “they listen to you and not at you”.

“I like knowing that they’re there. They can’t do enough for you. If they don’t know the answer, they go away and find it,” she says.

Client advisers from Benetas, including Darienne, have been helping Penelope recover and adjust after her hip replacement surgery.

“Darienne came in just before I was discharged and we talked about what I would need when I got home. It was fantastic knowing that the support was there”.

Accessing Benetas Home Care services means that Penelope can continue to live at home.

“Knowing fulltime care options are available through Benetas is an added bonus if I ever need to utilise it,” she said.

“I’m looking forward to leading a new life with my new hip and I’m hoping I can go out and do a lot more.

“I’m keen to get back to my quilting and over to the community house for some painting and cooking classes. It will be great to get back into the garden too”.