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By your side when it’s needed most

25th February 2021

Pastoral Care Practitioner, Anne Altamore shares her passion for supporting people in residential aged care to find peace at the end of their lives.

Working with people as they move through end of life care might sound challenging at best, but Anne describes this as some of the most rewarding work she’s done.

“End of life care provides a very special opportunity to support a person to truly find reconciliation and explore their lives in ways that they have not have done before,” Anne said.

“It’s an immense honour and privilege to walk with someone through this important time in their life, and to help them find peace and forge precious moments with themselves and their loved ones.”

One of the residents Anne worked with at Benetas’ Camberwell aged care home, Broughton Hall, continues to fill her with passion for her work.

“After working with him for some time, this gentleman told me he had found more peace in the last two years than he had at any other time of his life,” Anne recalls.

“It’s a wonderful reminder that our later years, even during end of life care, can be full and meaningful in ways that we hadn’t expected.”

Anne now joins a handful of employees who are currently the face of Benetas’ latest internal employee campaign, What You Do Matters.

“The impact that our work in pastoral care has on the full emotional and physical wellbeing of people living in aged care is astounding, and I couldn’t be more pleased to see our work valued and shared.”