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Benetas supports elderly in lockdown with comic relief

3rd April 2020

Leading not-for-profit aged care provider, Benetas, today released the first of its comic relief film clips to support older Australians to stay positive and engaged during social isolation.

The short social media clips capture the comic experience and top tips from the fictional character, 78 year old Ray Wallace, as he works to avoid going anymore “stir crazy” than he already is.

Benetas CEO Sandra Hills OAM said that with people over 70 now advised to stay at home, resources like this that support elderly to feel supported and connected are incredibly important.

“Many older Australians are feeling the brunt of COVID-19 protection measures, and as a community we need to be providing as much support as we can to ensure that they feel engaged and connected.

“We’re currently doing a lot of work at Benetas to help meet this need. From sharing the positive stories of love and kindness that our community is displaying for older Australians, through to releasing this comic relief series that unfolds with tips and advice for older people each week.

“Fundamentally, it’s about looking at new ways to keep us connecting and supporting older people during throughout this difficult period.”

The clips are an extension of Benetas’ recent web-series My Wife Died and I’m Starving. Staring Gil Tucker of Cop Shop fame and written and directed by Australian entertainer Stig Wemyss, the series follows Ray as he tries to navigate life as a single elderly man in Melbourne.

This six-episode web series is coupled with informative online resources and expert advice on everyday health and life-management issues tailored specifically for older Australians.

“It’s wonderful to know that despite the physical distancing we’re now all facing, we’re learning to embrace new ways of sharing our care for our family and community members who are most vulnerable to the disease.”

“The care and love we’re seeing displayed for seniors in the community and those in Benetas’ care these past weeks has been incredible. We’ve had over 260 letters and photos sent to residents in our aged care homes.

“We’ve had companies put aside essential items for our clients. And we’ve had schools send in letters, flowers and drawings that they’ve made.

“It’s these small acts that can make all the difference! We hope to see them and new initiatives continue to develop over the coming weeks.”

The web-series and health and wellbeing resources and can be found at:


The Missing Piece

Like the rest of us right now, Ray is in lock down at home, coping with physical isolation to avoid the Coronavirus. Via the wonder of modern technology, take a look at his tips to help you avoid going stir crazy!


Bear Necessities

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The last roll

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