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A message from the CEO on COVID Vaccinations

24th February 2021

At Benetas, we greatly welcome the long awaited Pfizer vaccine rollout to aged care homes in Australia this week, and the Australian Government’s valid efforts to prioritise those most at risk.

While we know the program will take some time, it remains a much anticipated development to help reduce the severe health risks of COVID-19 on our frontline employees, volunteers, their loved ones, and the older Australians whom we serve.

It’s important that we remember, that every person who chooses to receive the vaccine are in essence helping to protect the health of others in our community. Whether due to age, religious or medical reasons, many in our community may not be able to receive the vaccine themselves, and in turn will benefit from increased immunity across our community.

Our Wellbeing Team are working closely with all parts of the organisation to ensure the effective roll out of the vaccine as soon as it is made available.

As part of this, we will be closely following the direct health advice provided by the Australian Department of Health, and will help to promote this wherever possible.

The vaccination program remains completely voluntary and free for all Benetas residents, clients, employees and volunteers. Our emphasis is on ensuring that all those in the Benetas community are supported to engage positively with the program and feel fully informed in making their decisions about receipt of the vaccine.

We are very proud of our employee and volunteers’ uptake of vaccinations in the past and look forward to continuing this ethos and our strong commitment to the health and wellbeing of our community.

Thank you to everyone in our Benetas community for your efforts to stay informed on this roll out, and participation in the vaccination program wherever you can. I invite you to find out more about the COVID-19 Vaccination rollout across our homes and services.

I also encourage you to subscribe to the Department of Health’s vaccine updates to receive the latest program developments and health advice.