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A message from our CEO, Sandra Hills OAM

2nd February 2022

A letter to all Benetas employees written by CEO, Sandra Hills OAM

Dear valued employees,

I know it has been a tough time.

This summer, Benetas employees have been stretched and stressed. Every one of our aged care homes has been locked down from exposures or outbreaks at some stage, Community Health and Care teams have had to quickly change schedules when carers or clients have been impacted by COVID, colleagues have needed to isolate from testing positive or being a household contact, or have had to care for loved ones when they have been unwell.

Myself, the board and the management team want to acknowledge that this has been an exceptionally hard time, however, you are not alone, we see you and you matter.

We see every day the teams of people supporting each other on the floor and from the wings. Ordering and delivering PPE, Rapid Antigen Tests and sanitiser as well as biscuits, chocolates and offering a listening ear. There are people postponing meetings and shifting deadlines to support their colleagues who need to isolate for the week or need a reprieve from the workload. We have seen Support Office employees offering to be redeployed to support clinical teams at homes, helping with correct PPE usage and any general tasks required.

I have also seen a swell of aged care peak bodies advocating to Government and in the media for the needs and welfare of employees on the front line, flagging that the workforce is fatigued under the burden of the COVID-19 environment.

We are all on the same team and while we have different parts to play in supporting each other and getting through this trial, we are stronger than we ever knew we could be. Support and kindness are everywhere and it really does make a difference to everyone every day.

Upon reflection, the pandemic has personally reminded me that I need to be more patient. When things go wrong or are out of my personal control I need to accept the chaos, take a breath and keep pushing forward. We all have different coping mechanisms and vulnerabilities in a crisis, and these can often be an opportunity for growth and learning.

There is still work to be done and I know that our people will continue to make sure everyone in our care is looked after as we band together as a strong and experienced team.

Please remember to take care of yourself and your families too. I know how important time with family and friends outside of work hours is for your wellbeing. These are not ‘normal times’ so I encourage you to modify your expectations and remember to take time for self-care, ask for it when you need it, talk about it with your manager so steps can be taken to care for you too.

The journey to COVID normal has been a rough ride, but as they say, “When you’re going through tough times, just keep going”. We have faith that this will end.

Thank you for all of your work, for every time you have gone above and beyond what is needed with the knowledge that this is being asked of you because you can make a difference at a time when it is truly needed.

Thank you for showing up and thank you for the care.

What you do matters, to me, to your colleagues and to the whole community.