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Recognising the dedication of our staff

24th December 2020

Dear friends,

The world has seen a crisis of unprecedented nature and effects since my last meeting with you. All the scenarios experienced up until now have suddenly been overwhelmed by this unstoppable chain of events.

COVID-19 claimed nearly 700 lives among aged care, the majority of whom were here in Victoria.

I give thanks for the pride I feel, for what an extraordinary organisation Benetas is, I give thanks to all the staff members for your dedication during this crisis. We, staff and residents, are united by a common culture of discipline, flexibility and cooperation that makes us unbeatable in the face of events like this.

There is no doubt that this crisis is going to bring about irreversible changes in the way we think and work.

I wish to address those of you that have been affected by this disease, personally or through your nearest relations, I send you my warmest embrace and wish you a speedy recovery in the name of everyone at the Oaks.

Finally, especially to those of you who are carrying out critical tasks to manage this crisis, including everyone from the medical professionals to those who work every day to keep our facilities operating. You are all setting an extraordinary example of commitment, professionalism and solidarity. You are the best guarantee that united, we will emerge from this crisis stronger.

Kind regards,

Brian West

on behalf of Benetas Gisborne Oaks residents and families
22 December 2020