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My Wife Died & I'm Starving

My Wife Died and Now I’m Starving is a humorous web-series designed to shine a light on the challenges older Australians can face to stay independent and active for longer.

The series aims to support older people through everyday health and life-management issues many older Australians face through their ageing journey.

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How did the series come about?

Produced by Mezzanine Films, My Wife Died and I’m Starving stems from the personal experience of Writer and Director, Stig Wemyss, after the loss of his Mother in 2018.

While supporting his Father to manage at home, Mr Wemyss identified the need for further resources that helped reach out and equip older Australians with the skills and information they needed to manage at home and adapt to significant life changes.

Delve into the origins of the series here.

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Why is this series so valuable?

This Australian made web-series draws on humour and fiction to better engage audiences on sensitive subject matter. Older people can often find it challenging to ask for help as they age and seek support to help manage at home and stay active in the community.

Being able to provide a resource that can connect and engage with them through humour and a user-friendly experience is intended to hopefully shift their views and ask for help.


How and why did Benetas get involved?

How Benetas got involved

Joining with leading not-for-profit aged care provider, Benetas, the series draws from expert insights and guidance from Benetas’ Home Care team to address common issues that older Australians face in being able to manage at home as they age and continue living the lives they love.

Benetas was proud to support the series as a proactive health promotion resource that could benefit older Australians throughout their ageing journey.

Why Benetas got involved

In 2018 Benetas undertook a large research project with Monash University to better understand and address the contributors to increasing frailty in Australia.

It found that as many as one in two Australians over the age of 60 who live in their own home are in fact at risk of a relatively minor health issue triggering a serious decline and possible inability to manage at home.

Equipping older Australians with the tools and resources that they need to maintain their physical resilience is critical to support many older Australians to continue living at home and being active in the community.

Health promotion tools like this are important contributions aged care providers can make in supporting positive ageing in Australia.

What else is Benetas doing in this space?

Along with the series, Benetas launched the online Positive Ageing Tool (PAT) to support older Australians to self-screen their physical resilience and take the steps they need to stay independent for longer.

The tool draws on research with Monash University to provide a simple five question health assessment for people as early as 60 to monitor their physical resilience. It couples this with expert resources to draw from such as exercises through to nutritious recipes to prolong the effects of ageing.

Both PAT and My Wife Died and I’m Starving web-series equip older Australians with user-designed tools and resources to draw on and be empowered throughout their ageing journey.