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A humorous web series with a difference

Join Ray as he navigates life after the passing of his beloved wife. It's a bumpy ride but the lessons learnt along the way may just be worth it.

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Episode 1

Let's Cook

78 year old Ray is learning to adapt to life after the loss of his wife. It's taken him a bit but he's now got some great advice on how to overcome the everyday obstacles. He starts off with a tasty cooking lesson. Time to keep the hunger at bay!

View Ray's range of yummy recipe's here.


Episode 2

Domestic Duties

When Barb passed, truth be told, Ray had a lot to learn about housework and domestic chores. He's now discovered some great tips and tricks for keeping the house spick and span.

Read Ray's Cleaning Advice.


Episode 3

Doctor Doctor

With Barb no longer around to support his medical needs, Ray takes his neighbour's advice and seeks out a clean bill of health. Some things he's thought of, others might take a little more work.

Read Ray's health advice.


Episode 4

Tech Giant

Ray calls in some expert advice on setting up the NBN to Skype the grand kids. Later he goes back to school to get up to date with tech.


Episode 5

Food for the Soul

Ray discovers the benefit of staying active and reconnecting with old friends.

Read Ray's advice on staying active and connected.


Episode 6

Home Care

After a sudden medical incident, is it curtains for Ray. Or will he get to come home and and back to his best self?


Coronavirus Lock Down

Rays Survival Tips

Ray, like the rest of us in safely locked down at home during the coronavirus situation. Whilst at home, Ray has kindly agreed to provide some regular "pearls of wisdom" to help keep safe, stay happy and avoid cabin fever. Keep coming back and see what Ray has been up to...


Ray In Lock Down

The Missing Piece

Ray is in lock down at home, coping with physical isolation to avoid the Coronavirus. Via the wonder of modern technology, take a look at his tips to help you avoid going stir crazy! His first tip is get into Jigsaws!


Ray In Lock Down

Bear Necessities

Ray is joining in with the Melbourne bear hunt, to help the local kids keep entertained and active.


Ray In Lock Down

The Last Roll

Ray has no time for those people who have been hoarding toilet roll. Mainly because he is down to his last roll...


Ray In Lockdown

Pantry Problems

Who else is finding themselves resorting to those pesky tasks we've put off for years?


Ray In Lockdown

Footy Famine

Ray is clutching at straws here, but anything for a bit of footy!


Ray in Lockdown

Chai Tea or Tai Chi

Ray's stuck at home, and needs to get some exercise. And he has found Tai Chi...


Ray in Lockdown

Cake of Origin

Watch out Nigella - Ray is having a go at Barbs old cake recipe!


Ray In Lockdown

Mental Elf

It's a tricky time, so it's more important than ever that we look after ourselves and our loved ones. Ray checks in with Mandy, who seems to be taking self-care very seriously!

View tips for looking after yourself during coronavirus.


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What is it all about?

My Wife Died and I’m Starving is a humorous web series designed to shine a light on the challenges that older Australians can face to stay independent and active in the community.

The six-episode series is coupled with informative online resources to offer expert advice on everyday health and life-management issues that can quickly get the best of us.

Want to know more about the series and why Benetas got involved? Read more here.


The inspiration for our series

Meet the real Ray

Read more about the 'real Ray', through the words of Stig Wemyss, film maker, writer, series creator, and Ray's oldest son.

People doing stuff

Meet the characters

Photo of Ray Wallace

Ray Wallace

Meet Ray... Ray Wallace. 78, widowed and staying independent.

Photo of Mandy


Mandy. Next door neighbour. Best friend to Barb. Tower of strength.

Photo of Dr Andrew

Dr Andrew

Dr Andrew has been Ray's family GP for over 20 years.

Photo of Stig Wemyss

Stig Wemyss

Stig is the writer, director, and creator of our web series. Get to know him, he's got lots to share.

Photo of Lee Robinson

Lee Robinson

Lee is the producer and co-creator of the web series My Wife Died and I'm Starving.


Positive Ageing Tool

Staying healthy and active

We have developed some useful tools to help you stay healthy and active throughout your ageing journey. The Positive Ageing Tool is a simple, yet powerful screening tool to indicate your risk of frailty and what to do about it.

Five simple questions allows you to understand your frailty rating, with tailored advice on how to interpret your score - don't forget to download your personal healthcheck results.

There is also a raft of expert resources covering a advice on breathing exercises, diet, medications, home care advice and sleeping.

People doing stuff

Positive Ageing Tool

Know your Frailty Risk

Check Your Health

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