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1st July 2020 Pricing Changes

Home Care Packages

A number of pricing changes to your Home Care Package will be made as of 1st July 2020.

To ensure you understand the changes and how they relate to your specific situation, your Benetas Client Advisor will be in touch with you in the coming weeks to explain the changes. In the meantime however, please contact your Client Advisor if you have any further questions. Thank you for your ongoing support.

What is changing from 1st July 2020?
  • The hourly rate of Home Care Package services is increasing. Benetas works hard to provide a competitive rate for our clients and we need to balance the costs to the business with trying to keep costs to our clients as low as we can. This increase was required to manage increasing external financial pressures, ensuring we can continue to provide important care and support services that enable our clients to live their best lives.

  • Based on feedback from our clients, we are also placing a cap on the External Provider Handling Fee at $80 per transaction, or 4.99% if that is the lower amount. Thank you for your feedback and we are pleased that we have been able to act on the response.

  • We are using different wording in the pricing schedule. This is in line with the terminology used on My Aged Care. We are now using the terms Care Management instead of Advisory and Coordination and Package Management Fees instead of Administration Fees.
What is not changing?

Benetas charges a set percentage of the Home Care Package subsidy by the government to cover the costs of Care Management and Package Management. Whilst the subsidy provided by the government has changed (a new temporary subsidy increase has been provided between March 2020 and 31 August 2020 to cover impacts of COVID-19), the percentage rate for Care and Package Management fees have not changed. This means you may see a small increase in fees, but also an increase in money to spend on services.


Benetas Pricing Documents

Benetas Home Care Package Pricing Schedule - 01 July 2020