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Get the support you need to remain independent

5th December 2019

There are a number services in your local community that can assist you to remain independent. You’ve worked hard all your life – now is the time to take advantage of these services that can keep you safe and living your best life.

Most councils provide a range of services, community support, and recreational programs to assist in maintaining independence and quality of life at home and in the local community. Many of the council services are free and eligibility for other government-funded programs are usually determined by an assessment.

You could also access support services through a provider like us. We cater to many government-funded programs, or you can pay privately. Find out more here.


Support available to you

Home Care & Domestic Assistance

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Support to assist in essential household activities such as basic cleaning tasks and shopping, or even gardening.

Discover Benetas Home Care here.

Property Maintenance

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These services support a safe and secure home environment by providing you with minor modifications such as ramps and handrails or safety features. You can also request assistance with your garden.

Discover what services you could get through Benetas here.

Respite Care

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Carers also need to take care of themselves. If you’re supporting an older person living at home, your wellbeing is critical to theirs. There are a range of flexible respite services to help you maintain your independence, happiness and health. Get things done or take a break while your loved one receives excellent care.

Discover Benetas respite here.

Meals on Wheels

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Tasty and nutritious meals to reduce your need to shop and cook.

Planned Activity Groups

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Transport and support to attend community activities such as local galleries and attractions.


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