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Manage Your Pain

5th December 2019

If you’re experiencing pain, don’t force a smile. There are many treatment options to reduce any pain and discomfort you may be experiencing.

Whilst joint and muscle pain are almost inevitable as we age, it doesn’t always come from wear and tear. Pain can be a useful warning sign that something has changed.

Additionally, getting on top of your pain is likely to improve your mood and get you out and about.

Get the right treatment

As we age the way our body absorbs and uses medications changes. A different dose could be all you require to reduce the pain. Speak to your doctor about changes to your medication type and dose.

There are also ways to manage pain that don’t involve medications. For example, a podiatrist can assist with foot or leg pain, a physiotherapist might help reduce back pain, and an aged care assessment might identify aids that make your daily activities easier.

Any differences in the location, intensity, or frequency of pain should be described to your doctor. Your report has been included in the letter so remember to take that along with you.


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