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Master Your Medications

5th December 2019

We all tend to require more medications as we age.

But how our body absorbs, uses and breaks down these medications changes with age.

The medication and dose that was perfect for you five years ago may but too little or too much for you today.

There are a number of medications that can interact to create side-effects, some medications we just don’t need as we age, and some that increase our risks of falls and other injuries as we get older.

Also medical specialists can prescribe a medication but they may be unaware of the other medications you are taking. A regular review of all your medications and supplements by your GP is essential.

Book your medication in for a check up

Every two years sit down with your GP to check for any medications you no longer need or doses that need adjusting.

Take everything with you

When it comes time to review your medications with your GP, take along the list of vitamins and any supplements you are currently taking. Some can interact with your prescribed medications.

Organise your medications

Medications often change in size and appearance and it can be easy to make a mistake. Your pharmacist can package your medications into packs that make it easy to take the right medications on the right day at the right time. Speak to your pharmacist about this service.


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