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5th December 2019

If you’re experiencing shortness of breath it may be restricting your daily activities and contributing to muscle loss, making you vulnerable to further illness and injury.

Shortness of breath can be caused by lung disease but also indicates a number of other conditions common with ageing such as anaemia and cardiac disease. These conditions are manageable and treatable.

If you get on top of these issues, you’ll have the puff you need to keep moving and getting out and about. We recommend visiting your GP who can assess if you have a condition that needs further management or treatment.

Don’t accept shortness of breath as an inevitable part of getting older.

Soak up the science

    New medications and therapies have been developed in the past decade that can treat shortness of breath. Take advantage of all the research!

    More than lungs

      Shortness of breath is not just caused by lung disease. Your GP will be able to assess if there are other treatable causes.

      Don’t procrastinate

        Shortness of breath will restrict your activities and speed up the muscle loss that makes you vulnerable to illness and injury. Get to your GP – if your breathing is not at its best it will make everything else you need to do so much harder.


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