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The Human Code

Local partners and MRSPAG have identified a need to better understand the dominant ideals of masculinity in Macedon Ranges.

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Funder: North Western Primary Health Network

Duration: August 2020 – Ongoing

The Human Code is a research project to better understand community attitudes in the Macedon Ranges to outdated masculine stereotypes and their effect on men’s mental health and related behaviours.

There is a growing body of evidence showing the link between pressures to conform to outdated masculine stereotypes and being at a higher risk of suicide and other harmful behaviours (such as drink driving and substance misuse. There is also a link with these stereotypes and perpetrators of family violence).

As a result, men who conform to traditional expressions of manhood are more likely to suffer harm to themselves, and do harm to others.

“My hope is that this project moves the community understanding of masculinity to be more like humanity, whereby we all keep an eye out for those needing assistance, we don’t walk past what we don’t accept and t is okay for any of us to ask for help.”
Ken Reither, Gisborne Men’s Shed Representative on the Project Working Group

Based on research findings, this project will identify key activities that local partners and the community can focus their efforts on to prevent and reduce harmful behaviours over time.

You can access a summary of findings from the research and the full report below.


Download the Report

The Human Code Community Resource October 2021


The Human Code Full Report October 2021


Media Release June 2021