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Home and Community Care Program for Younger People

Supporting you to be independent at home and in the community.

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About the program

Macedon Ranges Health delivers the Home and Community Care Program for Younger People (HACC-PYP) in the Macedon Ranges Shire. This program is funded by the Victorian Government and is designed to support eligible individuals to stay independent at home and in the community by providing them access to a range of affordable health care and support services.


Who is HACC-PYP for?

HACC-PYP is targeted at people aged under 65 and Aboriginal people aged under 50 who needs assistance with daily living activities due to an impairment relating to disability, mental or chronic illness or short term health need. It is also available for carers.

HACC-PYP is an alternative option for you if you are not eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or are transitioning into the NDIS.

To determine whether you are eligible please contact Macedon Ranges Health for an assessment.


HACC-PYP Services

Help around the home

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Domestic Assistance

Enjoy support around the home from one of our home assistants. They can assist with housework and cleaning such as washing, ironing, mopping or vacuuming. It could also be as simple as changing the sheets, folding or putting away your clothes or assisting with odd jobs.

Home Maintenance

We can support you to arrange:

  • Installation of small mobility aids, grab rails, ramps, shower rails, special taps and other items that support your safety and independence for home based activities
  • Minor home repairs (e.g. Blocked drains or replacement on tap washers)
  • One-off garden clearing or modification to enable you to maintain a low maintenance garden
  • Clearing of long grass or gutter cleaning in preparation for fire season (if you live in a high risk area)


You have a range of options to support your dietary and nutrition requirements. These include:

  • Meal vouchers from local registered cafes – These vouchers will reduce the cost of meals eaten at a café for lunch and/or to take home for dinner
  • Meal preparation kits delivered weekly – These kits can be prepared independently or with assistance from us
  • Support with the purchase of fresh supermarket meals – We can visit the supermarket for you and then take the ingredients home to prepare with you

    Personal and nursing care

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    Personal Care

    We can support you with tasks such as bathing, showering, grooming, dressing, toileting, getting in and out of bed and moving around the house. We can also assist with general activities of daily living such as taking medication or using technology.


    Our Registered Nurses work closely with you to develop an individual care plan that best supports your health in your own home. Services include:

    • Comprehensive nursing assessments
    • Diabetes management
    • Infusion therapy
    • Medication management including administering intravenous medication
    • Managing complex acute and chronic wounds
    • Assistance with daily living requirements including showering, application of compression stockings and general wellbeing checks
    • Recommendations and care plans for safe ongoing support or for the prevention of failing health
    • Post-acute care

    Continence Nursing

    Services provided by our skilled nurses include continence management, catheter care, stromal care and product advice and ordering.

    Health care and exercise

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    Health Care

    As a HACC-PYP recipient you have access to a range of health care services to support your independence, safety and wellbeing:

    Exercise classes

    Exercises classes available at Macedon Ranges Health include:

    Social support and community access

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    • Opportunities to stay connected, enjoy companionship and involvement in the community
    • Respite for carers
    • Social support groups, outings and visits from entertainers via the MRH Lifestyle Enhancement Program
    • Transport to and from appointments, shopping and more

    Explore the services available to you

    Continence Nursing

    Continence Nursing

    Dietitians and Nutrition

    Dietitians and Nutrition

    District & In-Home Nursing

    District & In-Home Nursing

    Home Care Services

    Home Care Services

    Lifestyle Enhancement

    Lifestyle Enhancement

    Occupational Therapy

    Occupational Therapy

    Physiotherapy Services

    Physiotherapy Services

    Podiatry and Foot Care

    Podiatry and Foot Care

    Psychology and Counselling

    Psychology and Counselling

    Strength for Life Classes

    Strength for Life Classes

    Warm Water Exercise Class

    Warm Water Exercise Class


    How it works

    1. Contact Us

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    If you think you or a family member of person you care for might find HACC-PYP beneficial, please reach out to our team at Macedon Ranges Health. You can call 03 54280 0300 or email

    Initial Needs Assessment

    We will conduct an initial needs assessment over the phone to identify:

    • If you’re eligible for HACC-PYP
    • The issues that underlie your needs
    • Any opportunities for early intervention, health promotion and improved health and wellbeing.

    You may be asked about your activities of daily living, carer needs, living arrangements, accommodation, cultural needs and personal safety.

    If it is concluded that you have broader needs, we may refer you to another provider. Alternatively, if it's decided you aren't eligible, we will let you know why and provide you with other options to consider.

    2. Complete an Assessment

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    Comprehensive Assessment

    If you are determined eligible for HACC-PYP, the Program Coordinator will visit you at your home to complete a comprehensive assessment. They will discuss your current situation and the sorts of services you may need and how often you may need them. In partnership with you, we will develop a service-specific care plan. Upon completion of this assessment, the Program Coordinator will refer you to the services deemed appropriate for you.

    Your care plan

    Together we will identify and design strategies that enhance your capacity for independent living. Your care plan is guided by your:

    • Goals
    • Interests
    • Aspirations
    • Functional, social and emotional needs

    The plan will detail the exact nature of care provided, when it will be delivered and the fee structure.

    It can also involve your family members and carers.

    3. Determine Your Fees

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    If eligible for HACC-PYP, the Victorian government will cover most of the cost of a range of services, ensuring you can access the support you need.

    You will be required to make a small contribution to the cost of your services. This fee will vary depending on your income.

    At assessment, we will chat with you to determine your income and factors which may affect your ability to pay the fees. We will then discuss the fees applicable to you.

    Who funds the program?

    The Home and Community Care Program for Younger People (HACC-PYP) is funded by the Victorian Government, Department of Health and Human Services. We, Macedon Ranges Health, provide these funded services to you.


    About Macedon Ranges Health

    Macedon Ranges Health (MRH) is an award winning, community based not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the provision of health, community, welfare and aged care services to the communities of Macedon Ranges Shire and surrounding districts. We support the needs of people of all ages, offering a comprehensive range of services for the local community.

    In 2018, MRH officially amalgamated with leading not-for-profit aged care provider Benetas. Benetas and Macedon Ranges Health work together to ensure every person we care for live their best lives in communities of choice and support.


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