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What happens if I need Residential Aged Care?

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Dalkeith Hostel is located on the same site as Benetas Dalkeith Heights, a residential aged care facility currently offers 54 places and 24 hours, 7 days a week nursing care. Benetas Dalkeith Hostel is currently being worked on to include a further 62 beds, and to improve the quality of life of its current residents.  To learn more about Dalkeith Hostel speak to our village staff or contact the Benetas Customer Centre on 1300 23 63 82. Entry to Dalkeith Hostel is subject to availability. 

Are staff able to assist me if I become ill?

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While personal care is not a part of the services offered directly by Dalkeith Heights, we can assist you to find suitable service providers when needed. Benetas, operator of Dalkeith Heights, offers home based services including personal care and may be a service provider you can use. Our village staff are available to talk to you about the options.

Is there a Deferred Management Fee (DMF)?

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On the re-leasing of your unit, a deferred management fee (DMF) is payable.

As is the case with most properties in Retirement Villages, deferment of fees is a method used to reduce the purchase price or ‘buy in’ amount.

The DMF is a fee that Retirement Villages charge at the end of occupancy or exit, which is a recoupment of costs associated with the setting up of the village, and supplying all of the wonderful facilities.  We have created a beautiful place to live, but if we tried to charge an amount per unit up front, that would assist in the cover of these establishment costs, nobody would ever be able to afford the buy in costs to live in the village.  So we ‘defer’ the fee until exit.

The DMF for Dalkeith Heights is calculated at 3% per annum for each year that a resident lives in the village, on a pro-rata basis for up to 10 years.   Never reaching any higher than 30% in total.  Eg.  A resident lives in the village for 3 years, they would pay 3% x 3 = 9% calculated on the resale value of the home, or what it sells for.  A component of this fee (0.5%) is a contribution to the Major Maintenance Fund (MMF) which is set aside as a building maintenance fund.

The DMF is deducted from the refund provided within 14 days of when the next occupant settles and takes up residence.  The outgoing resident is never out of pocket for this expense.

An example:     You purchased a unit for $300,000 at Dalkeith Heights and lived in it for three years. The re-lease price after three years might be $337,000, based on a 4% capital growth*.

Capital gain:                                         $37,000

DMF and MMF:                                  9% (3% x 3 years)

Actual DMF and MMF payable:            $30,330 (9% of $337,000 = $30,330)

The portion of the refund would be:    $306,670** ($337,000 - $30,330 = $306,670)


* This is an example calculation ONLY and should only be used as a guide

** This is excluding any other costs which may be applicable including refurbishment costs.

Can my family and friends stay with me?

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Yes, of course – Dalkeith Heights is your home!  Your family and friends are welcome to come and stay whenever they wish. We just ask that you are with them when they stay, and that if they wish to stay for longer than five days, we ask you to please advise the staff at Dalkeith Heights, so that in the event of an emergency – we know who we are looking for.

Are there any house keeping services available?

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Yes, Dalkeith Heights staff can assist in arranging the Benetas Home Care team, or private housekeeping services. Residents need to pay for these services.

Is the homes leasehold or strata title?

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All Dalkeith Heights homes are leasehold. We operate with a 49 year lease which we would gladly extend should the need arise.

If I decide to leave, how is my home advertised?

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Dalkeith Heights can market your unit to achieve the maximum resale value, or you can choose an external agent of your choice. We are here to help as much as possible.

Is there a legal cost when I move in?

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Yes, there is a once off $500 administration fee incurred at settlement.

Are there any ongoing fees?

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There is a monthly maintenance charge of $367.30 (or $84.76 per week) that is payable monthly in advance, commencing as per your contract. This is until such time as the unit is re-sold, or six months from when it has been vacated. This fee allows us to provide the following services:

  • Monitoring and maintenance of the 24 hour emergency call system.
  • Day to day management of the village.
  • Building/public liability insurance.
  • Maintenance and repairs to the exterior of your homes.
  • Gardening, mowing and landscaping of common areas and front yards.
  • Use and maintenance of all community facilities including the village bus.
  • Cleaning and lighting of common areas including the Community Centre, keeping it all beautiful for residents use.
  • Administration, audit and reception services.
  • OH&S and fire safety compliance.
  • Cleaning of roof gutters of homes.
  • Preventative maintenance to common areas.

Are pets allowed?

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Yes, we have a number of happy pets living at Dalkeith Heights. Pets are allowed subject to approvals and provided they meet a few reasonable conditions covering their ongoing care and management.

What does a refurbishment entail?

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The terms under our lease include a 2.5% administration fee at exit or end of occupancy.  Again, this is not an upfront charge, so outgoing residents are not out of pocket, it is simply deducted from the refund the outgoing resident receives when the unit is resold and settled.  It is calculated from the resale amount.  It is used to cover the staffing and administration of the refurbishment and resale of the home; to direct and arrange quotes, tradesmen and oversee the refurbishment work.  This also includes the promotion and arrangement of any external advertising of the resale home, should this be necessary.

Under the terms of our Lease, the refurbishment work is assessed at the end of occupancy and vacant possession has been granted by the outgoing resident or their family.  All homes are assessed for what work is required to return the home to it's original condition. 

Do I need to pay stamp duty on my home?

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No, stamp duty is not applicable on Dalkeith Heights Lease purchases.  

What are the cost of utilities?

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Our phone and internet bundle is $44 per month and includes 1GB of data and un-timed national calls. Additional data is charged at $1 per GB.

Latrobe City Council determine the municipal rates and issue notices directly to residents. If you wish to know more about these rates, please contact Latrobe City Council.

What do I pay for once I move in?

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You will pay for your own utilities in the home including:

  • Telephone.
  • Electricity and gas.
  • Water and council rates.
  • Upkeep of interior of home and rear garden
  • Contents insurance.
  • Any additional professional or health services you require (e.g. housekeeping, personal care).

Can I use the Village facilities to entertain?

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Definitely!  You can entertain your guests in the Community Centre (including private family events in the café, bar or lounge area) or the gardens. The whole village is your home. We just ask that your guests remain in your company if they are using any of the Dalkeith Heights facilities or engaging in any of our activities. 

What age do I have to be to move into Dalkeith Heights?

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Yourself, your spouse or partner must be at least 55 years old, or retired from full-time work to live at Dalkeith Heights as we are an over 55’s community.

Who should I talk to about making this decision?

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We encourage you to speak to your family and friends about the possibility of moving into Dalkeith Heights, and to bring anyone with you to visit, should you feel more comfortable having them assist in making the decision. The Sales Manager at Dalkeith Heights is also available and knowledgeable to answer any questions you may have. We also highly recommend you seek financial and/or legal advice about this decision. 

When was Dalkeith Heights established?

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The first stage of construction of Dalkeith Heights was completed in March 2009, the same month which saw our first wonderful residents move into their homes.

Dalkeith Heights and Dalkeith Hostel (a residential aged care facility set within the village grounds) are part of the Benetas suit of services – a not for profit organisation offering housing, community and aged care services across Victoria. Benetas has been operating since 1948.

Why should I consider moving into Dalkeith Heights?

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  • The security of an emergency call system, monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week in every unit.
  • The option to be free of the responsibilities of a larger home, with the freedom to travel knowing your home is cared for while you are away and no exterior maintenance on the home – ever!
  • The companionship and friendship of the Dalkeith Heights lifestyle that will allow you to pursue, at your own leisure the variety of activities available or to utilise the facilities at your leisure.
  • The knowledge that additional care can be arranged in the future via the village if required, as Dalkeith Heights staff can assist you to access home-based care services and support when needed. 
  • The knowledge, comfort and freedom to your family that you are going to be a part of a caring, fun and active community.
  • Organised or individual use of well maintained community facilities such as a café, restaurant, lounge, cinema, heated pool, gymnasium, library and reading room.
  • The safety of a smooth transition to our aged care facility, Dalkeith Hostel, co-located on the same grounds if ever needed.