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A gift in your Will to Benetas could touch the lives of future generations of Victorians as they grow older and need support.

You can choose to leave a gift to Benetas as an entire organisation, or to a specific Benetas site or service.

To discuss bequests please contact Di Easton by calling (03) 8823 7900 or emailing

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Bequest FAQs

What can I leave to Benetas?

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There are many options for making a charitable gift in your Will. This includes:

  • A fixed percentage of your estate. The advantage of this is that your bequest remains inflation proof, and that if your estate diminishes (or increases) over time, your other beneficiaries such as family members, will not be disadvantaged by significant fixed bequests to charities.
  • A specific sum of money.
  • A specific gift such as property, shares, jewellery or artwork.
  • The residue or remainder of your estate after taking care of loved ones.
  • You can also establish a Trust naming Benetas as a beneficiary.

What if I don't have enough money to leave a bequest?

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It’s not just the rich and famous who can leave charitable gifts in their Will.

Every bequest we receive at Benetas, large or modest, is incredibly important to us. Even a small percentage of your estate after your loved ones are provided for can have a powerful impact.

Why are charitable bequests so important?

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Statistics show that currently only 7.5% of all Australians leave a charitable gift in their Will. If this figure increased to just 12% over time, we could generate an additional $440 million every year for good causes.

Most charities, including Benetas, wouldn’t exist without these sorts of gifts. Once you have considered your family and loved ones, you may wish to think about including a charitable gift to Benetas in your will. It could be one of the most important gifts you ever give.


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