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Visiting a Benetas Aged Care Home

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit my loved one?
Yes, our homes are open for visitors, a maximum of five visitors for each resident is allowed a day, visitors can be from different households. There is no time limit on visits. This daily maximum does not apply to end of life visits, however there is a limit to the number of visitors at a time for end of life, please discuss this with the Residential Manager if this applies.

Do I need to make a booking?
No you are not required to make a booking, however due the current limit of two visitors per day per resident, we advise you to call the home first to ensure we are meeting the current restrictions. This also helps to ensure our homes are able to check-in each visitor and go through the screening process.

Are children and young people permitted to visit?

Children and young people are welcome to visit if they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and have a current flu vaccination. We are aware that this excludes all children under 12 at this stage, in this case we advise an offsite visit with your loved one.

Are there density limits within the homes?
Yes, however they do not apply to residents’ own rooms. A two square metre rule applies to communal spaces that visitors access

Can I take a resident out for a family or community event at any time?
Yes. You can arrange for a resident to join a community or family event. Please contact the Residential Manager of the home to arrange this, and they will take you through the process and declarations to do so.

Can I attend social events at the home?
Yes you can, however density requirements are in place so there may be a limit on how many visitors each site can have at social events. Please contact the Residential Manager for further information.

Do I need to check in on arrival?
Yes, all Benetas sites require you to check-in using the Victorian Government QR Code.

Do I need to have a current flu vaccination to enter a Benetas site?
Yes, this applies to all employees, family and friend visitors, health practitioners, volunteers, suppliers and contractors including catering, cleaning and maintenance

How do I provide proof of my current flu vaccination?
Please ensure you have the required evidence of your current flu vaccination. Appropriate vaccination evidence:

  • A statement or record from a health practitioner, or
  • An immunisation history statement available from Medicare online or Express Plus Medicare mobile app

Once you have provided this evidence, you will then receive a card with your personal flu vaccination information that you can show each time you visit any of our homes until June 2022.

What if I don’t have any proof of my current flu vaccination?
If you are not able to provide evidence of either receiving the latest flu vaccine or proof of a valid exemption, you will need to wear additional PPE at all times and visit residents in their room, to limit the potential of putting others in the home at risk.

Are children required to provide proof of a current flu vaccination?
As per Department of Health recommendations, children over the age of six months are encouraged to receive a flu vaccination. Children under this age are therefore exempt and can enter a Benetas aged care home without proof of a current flu vaccination.

Are fitted masks required by all visitors entering the home?
All workers and visitors must wear face masks:

  • indoors at all time
  • outdoors where a distance of 1.5 metres cannot be maintained

Are exceptions possible on personal circumstances?
Exceptions to these protocols may apply based on compassionate grounds and the individual circumstances of you and your family. We encourage these arrangements to be made directly with the Residential Manager of the home.

Are you taking new residents and tours of the home?
Yes, visits from prospective residents are permitted with no more than one person accompanying them.

Where can I find out more on the Government’s health directives on visits?
Victorian Department of Health and Human Services webpage on Visiting Aged Care Facilities during COVID-19, or Australian Department Health webpage on Advice on People in Aged Care Facilities.

Updated 29 October 2021