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Covid 19 Vaccine

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Benetas support the vaccination program?
Benetas is supportive of all measures that help to reduce the devastating impact of COVID-19 on our people and the older Australians in our care. We strongly encourage everyone’s participation in the program where possible.

Why isn’t Benetas making the vaccine mandatory for anyone who it employs or cares for?
Benetas follows the public health advice of authorities in Australia, and the COVID-19 Vaccination Program in Australia is free and voluntary for everyone in Australia. While the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) strongly encourages COVID-19 vaccination, at this time AHPPC has not recommended mandating COVID-19 vaccination for the aged care workforce. Benetas strongly urges the Benetas community to positively engage with this important public health initiative.

Will the vaccination ever be mandatory for Benetas employees, residents, clients or visitors?

Neither the Commonwealth nor Victorian Governments have mandated that the COVID-19 vaccination is compulsory in aged care. National Cabinet will be discussing whether they will mandate this requirement for aged care workers.

What is Benetas doing to in relation to COVID-19 preparedness?
Benetas has strong processes in place to ensure we are prepared as we face this recent outbreak of Covid-19 in the community. We are pleased to advise that as at 31 May 2021, residents at all of our 14 homes have received their first dose of the vaccine. Ten out of the 14 homes have had both doses with the remaining four to be completed within the next two weeks. Uptake by residents has been strong – with at least four out of five residents at all homes receiving the vaccine.

We have widely publicised the locations of the vaccination hubs for the five-day blitz on vaccinating the Victorian residential aged care workforce commencing 2 June, to all our employees and are actively encouraging them to attend.

We also continue to work with our contractors to ensure they encourage their employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccination and provide us with details.

We continue to support employees to receive the vaccination with numbers rising every day and numerous initiatives in place to speed up the process.

We have also initiated weekly asymptomatic Covid-19 testing of all employees in our metropolitan homes and fortnightly testing of employees in our regional homes.

Benetas continues to review and monitor our practices. We remain diligent in our infection prevention and control measures. We are confident that we are doing all we can to manage this current situation in our community and would like to thank all of clients, residents, families and representatives for their continued support.

Is the vaccine safe for frail older people over the age of 85 years of age?

The Department of Health advises that frail older people seek GP advice on a case by case basis prior to receiving the vaccine. This is the responsibility of our clients, residents and guardians to manage in developing an informed decision and before providing consent.

The DoH has also published a decision guide to help people who are frail or very old in considering whether to receive the vaccination. This includes supporting those living in residential aged care and their guardians to make an informed decision. Please find this guide HERE.

What do I need to do to receive the vaccination?
All you need to do is book your vaccination by calling 1800 675 398 or visiting

Where can I find more about the vaccines?
The Department of Health have provided the below fact sheets to read before receiving your vaccination:

Or you can visit
For more information on Benetas’ policies on the program, please contact

LAST UPDATED 2 June 2021.