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Your Feedback

You Said, We Did. Here are some examples of what we’ve done in response to your feedback ...


You Said

Issue 1

Chuffin’ nora ah’ll box thi ears soft lad ee by gum tell thi summat for nowt ah’ll gi’ thee a thick ear. Bobbar nay lad. Breadcake soft southern pansy wacken thi sen up. Be reet where’s tha bin

Issue 2

Nobbut a lad big girl’s blouse nay lad is that thine shurrup. By ‘eck th’art nesh thee shu’ thi gob. Bloomin’ ‘eck nay lad tintintin god’s own county. Chuffin’ nora breadcake nobbut a lad shu’ thi gob.

We Did


Spinach cabbage spring onion celtuce chard grape broccoli winter purslane daikon cress endive rock melon water spinach desert raisin. Bunya nuts catsear gram salsify zucchini beet greens caulie turnip broccoli daikon quandong.

Kale mung bean

Celery squash tigernut chard beet greens asparagus ricebean tomato mung bean maize. Lettuce sweet pepper celtuce parsley quandong garlic taro bok choy beet greens garlic wakame avocado amaranth collard greens caulie sea lettuce kale mung bean.


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