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Consumer Participation Register

We want to hear from members of our community to help us co-design projects at Benetas


We need your voice

At Benetas we are seeking people to join our consumer participation register. We want our community to have a voice and play an active role in the customer experience at Benetas. We welcome and support people from all walks of life.

This consumer participation register provides an opportunity for the community to have their say and be heard. Participation is voluntary so you decide how you want to be involved.

Being part of the register means you have the opportunity to help shape health services and programs for older Victorians.

People doing stuff

Being a consumer on our register

What will happen when you register?

We will contact you from time to time to tell you about projects and activities which require consumer input.

We understand life is busy and that is why we want you to participate only when you feel comfortable and have the time. You choose which consumer engagement activities to participate in – or not.

What will happen to the information and feedback you provide?

We will keep you up-to-date about projects and activities where we have sought your input – and the input of other consumers on our register. We will show you how your voice has made a difference by sending you information, or presenting it on our website and newsletters.

People doing stuff

Join the Consumer Participation Register



Your privacy is important to us. Unless we have your consent, we will not share your personal details with any other register participants, on promotional materials or to third party providers.


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