Research Projects

The Benetas Innovation Strategy lists the following six topics as primary areas of innovation focus based on areas of industry need:

Research Projects

This project is funded by Department of Health and Aging in June 2013, with completion expected March 2016. This project aims to trial video consultations with GP’s for aged care residents. The outcomes will validate alternative models for provision of primary care in the aged care facility setting.

This project was funded by Perpetual Trust and completed in 2014. This project trialled volunteers as mentors to assist older people at risk of social isolation to reconnect with their community through involvement in interest groups. The outcomes have informed social isolation initiatives at Benetas in the community setting.

An ARC Linkage Project with Deakin University (2010-2012). This project is complete and identified significant issues related to respect for older people, creating a respect training program which has been trialled with adolescents and aged care workers. Further funding to continue the roll out is being sought.

This project is funded by Department of Social Services with Benetas as the administering organisation. The grant was awarded in June 2013, with completion expected March 2015. This project aims to improve health and aged care pathways to optimise care for aged care recipients who are moving between sub-acute health and aged care services.

This project is an ARC Linkage Project with University of Melbourne (2012-2015). This project aims to demonstrate how mobile and broadband technologies can reduce social isolation in older people in the community setting. The project website is available here: