Research Projects

The Benetas Innovation Strategy lists the following six topics as primary areas of innovation focus based on areas of industry need:

Research Projects

Finding the way – a theology of ageing, is a research paper written by Reverend Canon Dr Stephen Ames and commissioned by Benetas, which looks into the issues surrounding older people in Australia, particularly issues around spirituality and what constitutes a ‘positive’ experience in ageing.

It asks the questions, what is positive ageing for older Australians and how are older people...

Women at Work commissioned by Benetas and undertaken by Deakin University researchers Grazyna Zajdow and Marilyn Poole, involved women between the ages of 66 and 92 talking about their experiences in employment throughout their lives, compared to younger generations.

The research started with the hypothesis that older women may be envious towards younger women and the opportunities they...

Dementia is a condition that mostly affects older people and is therefore common in people living in residential aged care. The prevalence of behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD), such as depression, anxiety, agitation, wandering and screaming are higher in people with dementia living in residential care than in the broader population of people with dementia.


This is a University of Melbourne project funded by the Royal Dental Hospital of Victoria which concluded in June 2013. The project trialled the use of tele-dentistry to improve oral health for aged care residents. The results will inform better practice in oral health care in Aged Care facilities in Australia.

This is a University of Melbourne/Austin Health project funded by the Dairy Australia and an international dairy farmers consortium. The project aims to measure the impact of increased dairy in residential aged care. The project will conclude in 2015 will inform better practice in nutrition requirements in Aged Care facilities in Australia.

This is an Epilepsy Victoria project funded by the Wicking Trust. The project aims to develop a service model for managing epilepsy in aged care that supports people to stay in their own home and delays or eliminates the need for residential care. The project will conclude 2015 and results may inform better practice in Epilepsy management.

This is a University of Melbourne/NARI project which was funded by the NHMRC as a clinical trial. Participants are being sought across many aged care service providers across the state. The project trialled the provision of low dose pain relief to clients with dementia over a six week period to determine if behaviours were related to pain. Results may inform better practice in dementia care....

Benetas commissioned this research 2009-2010. The outcome of this project was to evaluate the dining experience of Benetas Clients. This outcome from this research contributed to a number of internal catering initiatives to improve the dining experience for all Benetas Clients.

This project is a partnership with Federation University in Gippsland to improve career aspirations of student nurses via improved clinical placements in aged care facilities.

This was a Deakin University ARC Linkage project (2009-2012) to support Aged Care Staff skills when assessing Depression. Data collection occurred at several Benetas facilities and the project was completed in 2013.