International Longevity Centre – Australia

International Longevity Centre – Australia

Strategic focus: 
Building ageing research capacity

Benetas is leading a consortium of 11 organisations to establish the International Longevity Centre – Australia.  This provides an opportunity to focus our efforts in ageing research, share our knowledge, and learn from the international community.

The International Longevity Centre – Australia will join a global alliance of centres including the United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, and South Africa which collectively address longevity and population ageing in positive and productive ways.

Consortium partners include a range of consumer peak bodies, aged care providers, academics, researchers and policy advisors and provide a great advantage in driving evidence based change.

The International Longevity Centre – Australia will concentrate its efforts on the social effects of longevity.  

Within the Australasian region, this means a focus on: health and wellbeing, workforce participation, diversity , economic status, intergenerational issues, transitions (retirement, widowhood and other), aged care (and workforce), frailty, and a ‘good death’ (including advance care directives and palliative care).

The International Longevity Centre – Australia will be supported by a sponsorship model and provides a valuable opportunity for corporate organisations with a view to invest in social improvement projects within the community.

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