We continually undertake studies to help further our own expertise of aged care, and to share with the wider healthcare community.

Research & Opinion

At Benetas, we listen to the experiences of older Victorians, share their voices and strive to improve the wellbeing of all older Australians through advocacy and research.

We aim to produce research that can be used to improve aged care services and models of care. Findings are shared with the industry and government at all levels to help inform policy directions.

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Benetas has a strong focus on research. We partner with a range of organisations to continue to improve and advocate on behalf of the aged care sector

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Research & Opinion

Our research and advocacy plan ensures all projects we work on lead to an increase in expertise either at Benetas or within the wider industry.
Benetas is proud to advocate on behalf of older Victorians and their families. We regularly submit articles and findings to the press to share with our aged care colleagues and the general public.
The Benetas Innovation Strategy lists the following six topics as primary areas of innovation focus.
Benetas, in partnership with Family Mediation and Counselling Victoria (FMC), is running the Seniors Mediation Program trial.