Wishes for Technology
14 March 2012

Wishes for Technology

Tom Baldwin has always been intrigued by technology. Eight years ago Tom taught himself how to use a computer, on a computer made of rescued parts, given to him by his son.

Unfortunately for the Benetas Community Care client, who lives in regional Victoria in Sale, the computer became slow and damaged by internet ‘hackers’. Tom’s mobility has also decreased over the years, and he now experiences hearing problems. His mind is his most active asset, and his sorely missed being able to use his computer.

When Tom’s Care Manager, Jo Inglis learnt of the problem, she thought of the Benetas One Wish Program immediately. “We completed an application together,” she says. The good news soon came that the wish for a new desktop computer had been granted.

“The quality of my life has been changed so much since I received my new computer; I am now able to contact my friends and relatives abroad at any time. I write to them, and I can also call them up and see them over the internet. It’s just plain magic,” explains Tom.

Tom, who is also an avid artist and photographer, is using his computer to scan his artwork in to keep them on file and for editing his photos.

He says, “I am so happy I was lucky enough to receive this computer. I hope that the Benetas One Wish program goes on granting people like me their one wish. It is absolutely wonderful.”

Find out more or donate to the Benetas One Wish program.