Whats behind the wrinkles
29 September 2015

Whats behind the wrinkles

Giuseppe Inserra built, ran and owns the iconic Laverton Skate Centre. He spent hours teaching children and adults to skate, and spends much of his free time turning figure eights around the rink. And he’s 78.

Giuseppe joins 18 other Victorians in an innovative campaign which is shaking up how older  people are seen in the community as part of the  2015 Victorian Seniors Festival, from 4-11 October. 

"Unexpected Heroes" showcases the untold stories under a few wrinkles of 19 older people who are part of the Benetas community in a unique photographic exhibition. 

Benetas CEO Sandra Hills said the campaign was all about increasing respect for older people.

"We believe that every older person has a story to tell, and it’s these stories that make them heroes," said Ms Hills.

"Unexpected Heroes" is part of our commitment to advocating for older people in our community and ensuring their voice is heard.

"Unexpected Heroes is our way of contributing to that dialogue and standing proud in the fact that we value older people," said Ms Hills.

Behind the Wrinkles - school resources promote respect

Along with encouraging people of all ages to upload a photo of their hero via social media, the campaign has a strong focus on encouraging younger people to understand the lives of older people and to breakdown negative stereotypes associated with ageing, through the delivery of a school resource.

“We have a long history of nurturing and supporting the very special intergenerational relationships between older and younger people, and this campaign continues that journey," said Ms Hills.

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