Tips for visiting residential aged care homes
5 December 2013

Tips for visiting residential aged care homes

Visiting aged care homes can be daunting when a family member or friend first moves in, particularly for children.

Benetas has recognised this, and in September we launched a new publication, Tips for family and friends visiting our home. The publication is available in each of our 13 aged care homes for our residents, families and visitors and is also now available for download on our website.

The resource provides suggestions of activities, particularly for children, which can make visiting an aged care home easier and more fulfilling for the whole family.

A few idea examples include:

Consider taking a gift — Have your child choose it, wrap it and give it to the older family member. This gives the child a sense of responsibility and participation in the visit.

ŸVideotape family events, like school ceremonies, plays, sports activities, and make arrangements to show the videos to the resident with your child. Showing family photos can also give the resident a better sense of contact with family.

If your child plays a musical instrument, why not contact theFacility Manager to organise a mini concert?

We want families and children to feel welcome and comfortable when visiting our homes, so this Christmas, Benetas is calling on you to help us provide a fun activity for children to interact with their grandparents and friends in our homes during 2014.

“In the lead up to Christmas, we are asking our supporters to donate to Benetas so we can organise intergenerational lifestyle activities at each of our 13 aged care homes during 2014. It might seem like a small request, but such activities bring people of all ages together and make an incredible difference in the lives of our residents and their families,” Sandra Hills, Benetas CEO said.

To make a donation to our 2013 Christmas Appeal or to access the Tips for family and friends visiting our home resource, click here, or call 03 8823 7900.