The survey says...
7 June 2012

The survey says...

A big thank you to our current donors who recently completed our annual supporter survey. Your responses have helped us gain more insight into why you donate and how you like to see your donations in action.

A quick snapshot into the results:

Overall, you were happy with the content of the Family News with 92% agreeing it was ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’.

The majority of people (32%) donate to Benetas because they have a personal affiliation with our organisation.

Other major reasons include caring about the welfare of older Victorians (27%), an interest in supporting Anglican organisations (20%) and an interest in our work (17%).

We were extremely pleased to note that all our donors are happy with where we choose to use their donations.

We also asked for suggestions and the most popular choice was to spend donations on building works for new facilities (18.5%) and helping people who live at home (18.75%).

We had an equal split on people who would like to donate to the One Wish program and careers and training for our staff (13.75% each).

We also received a slightly smaller level of interest in renovations and landscaping projects, and purchasing new equipment.

Thank you again to all who were able to spare a little time to help with the survey.