State Trustees partnership
24 March 2014

State Trustees partnership

A new partnership between Benetas and State Trustees is improving access to crucial information for hundreds of older Victorians.

Announced at a morning tea at Benetas St George’s in Altona Meadows earlier this year, the partnership involves the two organisations working together to educate clients, their families and staff about the importance of planning for aged care and finance management issues such as creating wills, nominating a Power of Attorney and estate planning.

Benetas CEO Sandra Hills said the partnership would help empower older Victorians by making important information more accessible.

“These topics can be often be confronting and overwhelming to our clients and their families, particularly if someone comes into aged care in crisis. By working with State Trustees we will be able to support our clients and their families to better understand and access the information they need to make informed decisions.

“Benetas is thrilled to partner with State Trustees, and we are looking forward to working together to help advocate for and improve the lives of older Victorians and their families.”

The partnership will see State Trustees run a number of workshops and information sessions for staff and residents and their families, and gives Benetas the opportunity to provide information to State Trustees clients about the aged care system and relevant services available.

State Trustees CEO Craig Dent said the partnership with Benetas was reflective of the organisation’s commitment to supporting Victorians as they get older.

“State Trustees is looking forward to partnering with Benetas to assist residents, their families, their support networks, carers and staff with tips, information and practical advice to help people with their changing financial and legal needs as they age.”

Click here to download State Trustees' Planning ahead to assist those you love brochure.