ShareGift Australia working to help the community
16 December 2014

ShareGift Australia working to help the community

Did you know that you can donate shares instead of cash?

ShareGift Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that provides shareholders with an easy way to sell their shares and donate the sale proceeds to charity. Selling and donating to ShareGift Australia means you don’t have to engage a stockbroker, there are no brokerage fees and should the proceeds of the sale exceed $50, you can nominate Benetas to benefit from ShareGift Australia’s donations.

It’s straightforward and you can receive a tax deduction for donations over $2.

All you have to do is complete and sign the share sale donation form available on the ShareGift Australia website and remember to recommend Benetas.

Each quarter, the ShareGift Australia Board donates the share sale proceeds to charities, guided by the recommendations received from shareholders. Donations are aggregated and rounded up, taking into account the value of the shares donated and the number of recommendations received for each eligible charity. To date all eligible charities nominated have received donations from ShareGift Australia in excess of the amount recommended.

You can find out more about the process by going to