Quality starts and ends with the person

Quality starts and ends with the person

An innovative partnership between Benetas and American-based Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) was celebrated in early February, with the organisations coming together to host an industry breakfast at ACMI Federation Square. 

CQL, whose work focuses on defining, measuring and improving the quality of life of people from diverse backgrounds, will work with Benetas to help us better understand and deliver on our customers’ quality of life and customer experience.

As the first Australian aged-care specific organisation to work with CQL, Benetas is thrilled to be raising the bar on promoting and facilitating client choice and control.

Benetas CEO Sandra Hills said the partnership acknowledged that while clinical outcomes were important, they shouldn’t be relied upon as the sole measure in understanding quality of life.

More for customers

“Part of our motivation in working with CQL and implementing their way of working was to achieve more for our customers, beyond basic compliance requirements,” said Ms Hills.

“We feel strongly that compliance is the minimum standard and we want to strive for something higher.”

Ms Hills said Benetas’ focus on the customer experience and work around the Quality Management Framework meant we were well-placed to deliver on a more innovative and personal method of understanding a positive experience of ageing.

“Our internal frameworks tells us that choice and control are critical to delivering on a great experience for older people,” said Ms Hills. “The program means customers will have more of an opportunity to explore and articulate what they want from us and what they want their ageing experience to look like.”

“We’ll then be able to identify ways we can make this a reality, and importantly, measure and evaluate if we’re hitting the mark.”

For more information about Benetas’ work with CQL, please contact Jane Collopy Benetas Quality and Compliance Manager, on 8823 7900.

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