A new look for our newsletter!
18 September 2012

A new look for our newsletter!

We have given our Family News newsletter a face lift!

We have done this for a number of reasons. Back in late 2011, Benetas did some research around what ‘The Caring Spirit’ (our old ‘strap line’) meant to our clients and their families.

We found overwhelmingly that ‘The Caring Spirit’ didn’t resonate with our audience, particularly older people. Although interested in the specific care they received from an aged care provider, they felt more strongly that they didn’t want to be alone as they aged. Families of older people also didn’t want their loved one to be alone.

From this, we changed our strap line to ‘Living in good company’ to embody the reality that when you receive services from Benetas, you are more than just being cared for — you are engaging, communicating and participating in a wider community. In line with this change, we have now changed the name of our newsletter to ‘In Good Company’, to showcase the amazing stories of our clients and inform you about all Benetas services.

The newsletter will still come out every quarter, but in a new updated format! For more information or to subscribe to our enewsletter please email marketing@benetas.com.au or by calling 03 8823 7900.