New builds and developments update
5 February 2016

New builds and developments update

The opening of a new Benetas aged care apartments in Frankston and a significant extension to the existing Benetas Corowa Court in Mornington are set to ensure the increasing aged care needs of the local community are met now and well into the future.

The two projects, part of Benetas’ commitment to delivering modern and contemporary housing models, are both based on a model of care which works to create a homely environment for residents.

The specifically tailored floor-plan, which enables small groups of residents to live together in ‘clusters’ based on lifestyle and preferences, will increase access to in-house amenities and create a stronger sense of community.

All back of house operations, such as catering and laundry, will be positioned out of sight, contributing to the home-like environment.

Benetas CEO Sandra Hills said both developments were focused on promoting residents’ rights to feel ‘at home.’

“Just because you’re moving into aged care, doesn’t mean you can’t still be in control of how you live your life,” said Ms Hills. 

“We want to break down some of the negative stereotypes that exist, and show people that a new chapter of life is just beginning when you move into residential aged care,” said Ms Hills. 

For more information about Benetas’ new builds and developments, please visit or call 1300 236 352.