Memory gardens
7 June 2012

Memory gardens

Benetas Colton Close in Glenroy is having all its courtyards redesigned, thanks to a generous bequest left in a resident’s will. We have almost finished four of the five stages, with the fifth stage due for competition in mid June.

The gardens that have been completed look wonderful! Robert Boyle Landscape and Design have created serene and individual courtyards throughout the whole facility – allowing residents and their families a peaceful space for reflection.

The sensory gardens are also designed to help with memory loss and dementia.

Populating the gardens are specially chosen plants and materials that are designed to stimulate resident’s memories – different smells, sounds and textures that connect the past to the present.

These gardens were featured at the Better Homes and Gardens Expo earlier in the year, where they were a big hit!

Without a generous bequest our garden renovations at Benetas Colton Close would not have been possible. We rely on these gifts to ensure significant projects can proceed. A gift in your Will to Benetas could touch the lives of future generations of Victorians as they grow older and need support. You can choose to leave a gift to Benetas as an entire organisation, or to a specific Benetas site or service.

Please let us know if you have added us to your Will already. We’d like to have the opportunity to thank you now and show our appreciation. To discuss bequests please contact us today!