International Longevity Centre to be launched in Melbourne
16 December 2014

International Longevity Centre to be launched in Melbourne

In an Australian first, a consortium of 11 organisations has been successful in its bid to launch a world class hub of population ageing research, advocacy and policy development in Melbourne.

The International Longevity Centre (ILC) Australia, coordinated by the ILC Global Alliance, has joined centres from around the world, including the United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Singapore and South Africa, to lead the way in addressing longevity and population ageing.

Benetas is thrilled to play a key role in the consortium, with CEO Sandra Hills saying the ILC reflects Benetas’ commitment to using research to inform best practice in aged care.

“This represents a terrific opportunity for the region and a chance to work with international stakeholders on significant projects,” said Ms Hills.

“As a consortium partner and leading aged care provider, Benetas provides detailed industry and ‘on the ground’ perspective to contribute to achieving significant outcomes.”

“Population ageing is a significant global challenge but through partnerships like the ILC, Benetas can ensure we approach this issue with a truly informed understanding of the impacts on the community here and around the world.”

Benetas is now working with consortium partners, including the University of Melbourne, the Australian Association of Gerontology and the National Ageing Research Institute, to use research to inform policy and identify opportunities to innovate based on international best practice.

Work has already begun on a number of priority areas for the ILC, including health and wellbeing, workforce participation, transitions to retirement and widowhood and better understanding advance care directives.

For more information about the ILC Global Alliance, please visit or contact Benetas Innovation, Policy and Research Manager Dr Amee Morgans on 03 8823 7904 or