Include a Charity Week
17 September 2012

Include a Charity Week

September 17th - 23rd is Include a Charity (IaC) Week in Australia!

Almost 70% of Australians support charities in their lifetime, but only 7.5% of those over 60 include a charitable gift in their will. If we could increase that figure to 14% over time, we could generate an additional $440 million every year for good causes.

Just imagine what could be made possible by that additional income that the sector would receive as a result IaC Week also creates a perfect opportunity for member charities to talk about the impact of gifts in wills, both internally among colleagues and decision makers, externally with supporters and through conversations with your media contacts and influential stakeholders.

We are aiming to get over 75% of our membership involved in IaC Week. In subsequent years, we want to increase that number and make future IaC weeks even better.

Benetas is a member of IaC. All Australians are being urged to help the good work of charities live on & on & on by leaving a gift in their will. Please share this, and help spread the word go to