Henny Penny Hatching at Benetas
26 March 2014

Henny Penny Hatching at Benetas

In the lead up to Easter, two Benetas residential aged care homes have enjoyed a visit from the Henny Penny Hatching program.

Incubators at Benetas Gladswood Lodge in Brunswick West and Benetas Dalkeith Hostel in Traralgon were set up for two weeks with 10 to 12 ready to hatch eggs.

The program, which is made possible thanks to the generosity of our donors, helps residents reconnect with childhood memories.

It has also resulted in less use of the homes’ televisions and greater resident involvement, particularly in managing the upkeep of the incubator and where possible, baby chicks!

“Residents love having Henny Penny at the lodge,” said Benetas Gladswood Lodge Community Coordinator, Gaganpreet Ruzeu. “From old memories being recounted around the brooding pen, as residents fondly recall childhood experiences, the program brings hours of enjoyment and discussion among residents.”

“It is also an ideal source of entertainment for those with visiting grandchildren,” she said.

“The little peck hole which appears in the egg neck, sometimes followed by a break, always draws comments, then the residents watch with fascination and awe as a tiny chick gradually emerges and kicks itself free from the shell.”

Residential homes are permitted to keep the chickens, however if they are not able to they are adopted by local children’s farms.

Benetas relies on donations to provide important social inclusion programs such as Henny Penny Hatching. To make a donation please call 8823 7900.