A garden wish
18 September 2012

A garden wish

Community Care Western client Brigid Cosgrave has always loved gardening; it has been something she has done to ease her stress and troubles, ever since she can remember.

She recalls one of the first gardens she created over 60 years ago back on a farm in Wiltshire, England. Her beautiful garden filled her with pride but it didn’t last long when three pesky pigs decided to rip up the garden and eat it! “It didn’t matter though,” recalls, Brigid, “One of those sows quickly became my pet, and friend, and would follow me wherever I went!”

When Brigid moved into her current house 15 years ago, she knew that the dirt mound in the front yard would soon be blooming with fantastic coloured flowers. Sadly as time went on the upkeep of the garden became too hard for Brigid and she slowly Benetas Community Care client Brigid Cosgrave, relaxing in her new outdoor oasis.started giving her plants away to her neighbours. In the end all that was left was a patch of dirt.

Brigid’s Care Manager, Rachel Spiteri, saw how much not having a garden affected Brigid. Rachel applied to the Benetas One Wish Program to help build an easily accessible garden and fulfil Brigid’s wish of having a garden again. Brigid’s new garden is now complete and she is so grateful for this wonderful place that she can go and relax.

“It’s absolutely lovely; it is so nice to sit out here! I want to thank everyone who was involved in making this possible. Everyone is welcome to come around anytime for cuppa — it is the least I can do!”

The Benetas One Wish Program is available to all Benetas clients to provide a special ‘one off’ opportunity to have a wish come true. You can donate to the One Wish fund here or calling 03 8823 7900.