The Empty Chair
18 September 2012

The Empty Chair

by Alan Hopgood in collaboration with Molly Carlile

Thanks to a philanthropic grant, Palliative Care Victoria, Carers Victoria and Benetas are presenting a FREE performance of ‘The Empty Chair’.

Written by Alan Hopgood in collaboration with Molly Carlile, the play is a heart-warming comedy about loss, love, and dementia. The family meets for the first Christmas lunch without the mother, Rose, whose absence is marked by an empty chair. But how ‘absent’ is she? And as the father begins to display some eccentricities, it is realised they may soon be losing him to dementia.

Originally presented as a one act play under the banner of HealthPlay, “The Empty Chair” proved so popular that a second act was added displaying Hopgood’s talent for using comedy to present otherwise confronting issues.

The well-known cast includes Margot Knight, Lee Mason, Jessica Clarke and Alan Hopgood.

Date: Friday 2nd November 2012

Time: Play commences at 2:00pm

Panel discussion: 3:05 to 3:30pm

Venue: Beckett Theatre, The Malthouse, 113 Sturt Street, Southbank

Cost: free!

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HealthPlay, producer of The Empty Chair, create plays that deal with prostate cancer, diabetes, geriatric sex, palliative care, widowhood and depression. With over 500 performances, across eight plays, presented since 1997, HealthPlay has proved to be a unique and highly effective way of imparting the health message.

HealthPlay is a highly successful, innovative, live performance experience which assists with the raising of awareness to aid in the prevention of health and relationship issues.

HealthPlay assists the community to:

  • Openly talk about depression thus counteracting the stigma too often associated with mental health problems
  • Face dementia with understanding and good humour rather than fear
  • Inform men (and their partners) about prostate cancer
  • Inform men and women of the importance of changing their life styles to avoid diabetes
  • Suggest ways widows can avoid being marginalised and lose social contacts and still feel they are valued members of the community

In partnership with Pallative Care Victoria, Carers Vic and HealthPlay