The door is open – say hello to a new age of aged care in Frankston South
19 September 2016

The door is open – say hello to a new age of aged care in Frankston South

Following the recent launch of the Benetas Corowa Court Aged Care Apartments, the finishing touches have been put on Benetas St Paul’s Terrace in Frankston South. St Paul’s Terrace is a brand new aged care development on Towerhill Road with easy and direct access to most metro freeways. Benetas CEO Sandra Hills said that this development signalled the organisation’s move away from operating like traditional nursing homes, to a more person-centered and relationship-focused approach to care.

“This new approach is based on international best practice, developed over a number of years, combining our 68 years of experience with the best components of residential aged care models from around the world. We truly believe this fresh approach will change the face of residential aged care in Australia,” said Ms Hills.

“We wanted to support residents to have more choice and control over how they live, just as they would if they were living in their own home and our approach to new buildings and care achieves this,” said Ms Hills.

“We are in an exciting time of transition for aged care, with empowered consumers who have increased choice and control. We know that real choice for residents and their loved ones cannot be delivered by giving attention only to one or two elements of their life. We need to consider the person’s whole life and how elements such as their relationships, clinical support, their role in the community and their living environment contribute to their experience of ageing and life.”

A home first

The living spaces at St Paul’s Terrace are built to create a homelike environment, with small groups of residents in contemporary aged care accommodation. This new configuration will have eight residents living together in their own apartment which includes a kitchen, dining area, lounge room and outdoor space, designed to reflect the safety, comfort and familiarity of home.

More privacy will be given to residents in a space that will also enhance sharing, community and interaction with loved ones as much as possible. As part of our commitment to this, we have built beautiful spaces which enhance the longstanding relationship Benetas has with the Frankston South community. St Paul’s Terrace is conveniently located close to schools, parks, medical centres and freeways and a whole range of support services within the local area.

This approach is designed to support community engagement as much as possible, acknowledging the individual’s sense of purpose, meaningful activities and relationships. Members of the public and loved ones are also encouraged to enjoy these spaces, such as the café hub that will be open to the public and open outdoor areas within St Paul’s Terrace with plenty of fresh air and sunshine. These spaces promote residents’ physical activity and interaction with family, friends and the local community.

The role of the carer

This new aged care apartment living means a new way of working where the relationship between residents and their primary carer is emphasised. Each of the 10 apartments within

the St Paul’s Terrace home has eight bedrooms, a private living area, kitchen and outdoor space for exclusive use
of those eight residents only. Each apartment has a ‘front door’ which visitors need to knock on before entering the apartment.

This design allows a much more personalised level of care for residents.

There will be dedicated primary carers for each smaller resident group which means much closer bonds will be formed between residents and carers. This bond means Benetas staff can truly provide tailored, individual support to residents as they know them on a much more personal level. Residents will be able to socialise and eat where and when they choose, just as they would if they lived at home.

“What we’re looking for are carers who can really make a connection,” said Ms Hills. “While we’re interested in their clinical expertise and experience, we’re equally concerned with whether carers understand the need for high emotional intelligence, combined with a focus on supporting residents through our values of respect, responsibility, community and spirit, to enhance the quality of their care. This is central to residents being able to exercise more control and choice about how they live each day.”

Raising the bar on aged care

Set to open officially on 19 September, Benetas St Paul’s Terrace will raise the bar on the way aged care is delivered in Australia, providing greater choice and access to services to supporting the growing needs of our ageing community.

“This new approach means that we can make our vision for positive ageing and the best life for all a tangible reality,” said Ms Hills.

To express your interest or to find out more, please contact the Benetas Customer Centre on 1300 23 63 82 or visit St Paul's Terrace page for more information.

We wanted to support residents to have more choice and control over how they live.