A collection of time
14 March 2012

A collection of time

The chime of an old grandfather clock is Benetas Eaglehawk resident John Taylor’s favourite sound.

John has always had a fascination with clocks, but his passion increased dramatically 30 years ago when he retired and was able to devote more time to the devices that intrigued him.

“Before I moved into Benetas Eaglehawk two years ago I had over 300 clocks in my collection,” explains John John’s collection was purchased through auctions or on the internet with the help of his granddaughter – they an impressive sight.

He recalls, “I owned a lot of American clocks - their mechanisms interested me and I loved mending and restoring them. I had 25 clocks that were over 100 years old.

“My favourite is a grandfather clock that I made myself which is now at my son’s house. I hope it gets passed down through the generations of my family.”

Six clocks from his collection now hang in his room at Benetas Eaglehawk and he loves nothing more than hearing them chime every hour.

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