Building our future
29 September 2015

Building our future

We’re committed to providing modern, innovative housing models that meet the changing needs of older people, and to make sure we deliver on this we have started work on three major residential projects across Victoria.

These projects, which are based on the innovative ‘cluster model’ of housing, are set to define a new level of care for older people and change the way aged care is delivered into the future.


The $14 million expansion of Benetas Corowa Court in Mornington, which will see the capacity of the site doubled from 60 to 120 beds, is on track for completion in mid-2016. We’re also redeveloping the existing facility to ensure our current residents can enjoy the most modern facilities that match the look and feel of the new building.

The expansion is part of our commitment to meeting the growing needs of the local Mornington Peninsula community, now and well into the future.


As you will have read in our last edition on In Good Company, development of our Towerhill Road site is continuing at a rapid pace, with the $21 million state of the art facility to be launched in late 2016.

The new facility will be home to 80 people, and has been carefully designed to enable small groups of residents to live in clusters, increasing their access to in-house amenities and contributing to a stronger sense of community.


Benetas purchased a block of land on Lower Plenty Road in March with a view to building an 104 bed aged care facility in early 2016. The $26 million facility will follow Benetas’ unique blueprint, with the model ensuring residents’ health, wellbeing, social connectedness and independence are prioritised. 


With Stage One nearing completion, Stage Two of the Dalkeith Heights Independent Living development has now kicked off. As part of the $10 million investment, 37 new units are being built at the site, along with extensive civil works including roads, services and landscaping. 

This stage of works is set for completion in early 2017, which will then see the commencement of another 30 units as part of Stage Three.

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