Benetas launches range of reform initiatives
30 September 2014

Benetas launches range of reform initiatives

The aged care sector undertook significant change on 1 July, as the Living Longer, Living Better reforms came into effect.

These reforms are aimed at increasing consumer choice and control, and have demanded increased transparency and accountability from aged care providers. They are intended to result in a more effective and sustainable aged care system that can meet the needs of Australians now and well into the future.

We saw the beginning of these changes come into effect in May this year, when all aged care providers in Australia were required to publish the pricing of their facility beds.

As of 1 July, some additional changes have taken place in both residential and home care services.

In residential care, the distinction between ‘high care’ and ‘low care’ has been removed and the concept of ‘ageing in place’ has been introduced across most facilities. For people moving into residential care, this means that once you have been assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Service, you can seek a place at any residential aged care service that meets your needs. This change is intended to make residential aged care places easier to find and access.

Benetas Home Care services, like all home care services across Australia, will introduce Consumer Directed Care (CDC) and income tested fees. CDC again means greater and choice and control over the services you receive in your home. We are in the final stages of preparing for this change, and some clients are accessing trial CDC packages. CDC will come into full effect as of 1 July, 2015.

To support the implementation and roll out of aged care reforms across the business, Benetas recently launched a suite of initiatives.

The initiatives, which include the launch of an online calculator tool, are designed to help our clients and their families make sense of the reforms, and assist them in the decision making process.

The Benetas Daily Cost Calculator is accessible on each residential facility page on Benetas’ website and allows users to enter a once off lump sum contribution amount, before calculating what their daily cost might be.

Benetas CEO Sandra Hills said the calculator was designed to help support consumers navigate the ‘new world’ of aged care.

“Our focus on customer service means that we wanted to make things as simple and easy to access as possible for current and future users of our services,” said Ms Hills.

“The Daily Cost Calculator is a way of supporting consumers through the aged care maze to easily understand what costs they might be up for and what their options are.”

The calculator automatically fills in the relevant room cost for each facility, and allows users to trial a variety of combinations to suit their individual circumstances.

The calculator is available for use on on each residential facility page.