Benetas Home Care launched
30 June 2014

Benetas Home Care launched

In early May, Benetas formalised the amalgamation of its Benetas at Home and Respite and Community Care services, launching Benetas Home Care.

Spanning all in home services such as in-home nursing, case management personal care and including respite, the amalgamation will improve the way services are delivered to clients, regardless of the type of service or how it is funded.

General Manager Benetas Home Care Jeremy McAuliffe said he hoped the amalgamation would result in an improved customer experience and better long term outcomes for clients.

“The aim of merging these divisions is to quite simply make things easier for our clients, and their families and carers,” said Mr McAuliffe. “Benetas Home Care will mean that clients won’t be jumping across Benetas divisions, telling their stories repeatedly and starting all over again when they need a new service.”

The introduction of a single point of entry at regional level, along with a greater focus on understanding client goals, will result in more efficient and effective service provision.

“We will still be providing the same services clients currently receive,” said Mr McAuliffe. “But they will be better.”

The division’s new name is the result of a three-month consultation process, which sought to better understand how clients, carers, families and staff saw Benetas. By giving the new division a name as simple as ‘Home Care’, Benetas hopes to address some of the confusion surrounding in home aged care services.

“The feedback we heard during the consultation process indicated that clients, their families and staff wanted a name that clearly stated what the division does,” said Mr McAuliffe. “I believe Benetas Home Care achieves this goal, and clearly groups together the suite of services we offer to the community.”