Benetas donates furniture and goods to disadvantaged Sri Lankan hospitals
30 September 2014

Benetas donates furniture and goods to disadvantaged Sri Lankan hospitals

Disadvantaged and remote hospitals in Sri Lanka recently received much needed furniture and goods thanks to the Benetas Hurlingham Respite Centre community in Brighton East.

A large number of beds and surplus furniture was donated to the Mahamevnawa Meditation Centre Melbourne in early May, and has since been sent onto several Sri Lankan hospitals and facilities, many of which were in desperate need of even the most basic items.

Items including beds, wheelchairs, mobility walkers and rehabilitation equipment will now enable patients to access care that is often limited in rural areas.

Many of these hospitals and centres are in isolated and disadvantaged areas of Sri Lanka; some of which are the only health facility in a 200km radius.

Benetas staff assisting with the donation drive said it was great to see items continue to be put to good use.

“I think it’s a terrific idea and a great way to bridge the geographical distance with such a simple act of kindness,” said Respite Coordinator Pauline Alvarez.

“Benetas has always worked closely with the community and prides itself as a leader and advocate for older Victorians and those most in need.”

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